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I’m sitting here at home in Woodstock for a visit…though my family is all working. Except my sister’s dog. He’s keeping me warm. I am here because I needed time off to heal properly from getting NEW EYES!!

My lasik procedure was amazing. It went off without a hitch and I couldn’t be happier. For the first few weeks my vision will come and go in both eyes, but that’s normal. There are halos around lights at night time and my eyes will feel strained if I read, watch tv, or look at a computer screen for too long. As in right now. I’ll be writing this blog all day at the rate I’m going!

The procedure itself literally took 8 seconds in one eye and 12 in the other. I was farsighted with a bad astigmatism in the left. I have been wearing glasses since I was 4 and I just can’t stand wearing contacts on stage. I can’t wait until my next show and how freeing it will feel to not have to worry about contacts! (And NO I don’t know anything yet about any new gig! I’ll post when I do!) So they froze my eye with drops then I went in the surgery room. I really felt like I was in some futuristic alien ship getting experimented on. All very cool.

So now I have bagillion drops to put in my eyes for the next few days then in about a month I should be fully healed. Which will be amazing when my boyfriend and I are in Costa Rica for vacation! I can’t even express how nice it will be not to have to worry about glasses/contacts and just be able to put sunglasses on. Hopefully if I have time and there is an internet cafe somewhere, I could post a little blog while I’m down there.

Now I suppose I should mention what it feels like to close The Sound of Music. I think I was ignoring writing about it because I was pretending it wasn’t really happening for a while. Though to be honest, I think I’m handling it quite well and when I’ve missed it or thought about it, it hasn’t been in a negative way. I really believe it was time to end. My last show was heartbreaking but beautiful and I had such a blast. It was difficult to perform because every time I wanted to relish in the moment of “this is my last time doing this part,” I would get choked up and couldn’t sing a note. I found that out at the top of the show: “My day in the hills has come to an end…I know.”

My last bow

My last bow

The rest of the show felt very business like because I could only think about Maria and her life to stay on track and not think about Janna’s issues. Which in turn made out for a really great show! I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers during the curtain call and and giant group hug from the cast. It was tearful and amazing and a moment I will absolutely never forget. My fantastic and gorgeous dresser took some great pictures for me, and while I’m here in Woodstock I’m hoping to make a scrapbook of all the pictures, cards, fanart, and mementos I collected during the run. It may turn out to be gigantic.

I was completely exhausted and zoned out after the show, and because I had already celebrated with my friends and family the week before, it was a little uneventful! Though I did have an amazing dinner with a tiny group of close friends and then went back to the theatre at night to watch the evening show.

The real closing night show the following evening was strange. Not the show itself, but an odd atmosphere. Maybe just for me, but I felt like we were all just trying to make it through the show without breaking down! I spent the show hanging out with the kids who closed their personal show that afternoon and we just took pictures and played in the Princess Suite, then we all went down to the wings of the stage for the curtain call. It was a magical moment. I’ve never experienced closing a show that ran for as long as we did. But because of that length, I think I was ready for it.

Thank you to those who came out to The Decameron workshop in Toronto, it was pretty successful and we were surprised by the incredible turnout. It was inspiring to learn and perform a script and music that wasn’t Maria related and completely different. That rehearsal process was very stimulating and I felt very humbled by the talent that was performing with me. It was very much an ensemble piece and being a workshop, our opinions and questions were always welcomed. I sincerely hope something positive will come out of the presentations…preferably a chunk of money to put on a real production of the piece!

That’s all for now. I think I’m looking at the screen too long. OH!! Completely forgot. Go see Avatar if you haven’t. Don’t see anything except 3D and definitely go if you have an IMAX close to you.
I was blown away. I love being a witness to historic moments that are changing the future. Very cool.

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  1. Timothy wrote:

    Hi Janna!!!! I was absolutely grateful to see you in the Decameron and it was worth coming!!!! I loved the sound of music and I’m still singing (preferably good i’ll post on Facebook soon) but I’m truly going to miss it oh tears lol!!!!! Congrats on a successful surgery!!!! Have a fantastic vacation in Costa Rica!!!! Take Care Tim!!!!!

    Posted 29 Jan 2010 at 11:21 pm
  2. Timothy wrote:

    Hi Janna!!!! Yeah I just watched Avatar but i had to wait 3 hours because we went to a theatre and it was sold out and i went to another theatre and it was sold out again so me and my family went to see avatar at the latest hour 9:30. But it was worth the wait i never seen such a movie with that much fantastic content a never seen thing made on film fantastic The director from titanic made this and he did a fantastic job with this one your right it cool to witness a historic moment changing the future very true after watching!!!! Tim!!!

    Posted 31 Jan 2010 at 12:23 pm
  3. Beth Faulkner wrote:

    I am so happy for you my dear …. no more glasses! No more contacts! How long are you in Woodstock? I know you won’t be too long before you have a “gig” (a musical one at that). It was truly your calling!! (no I am not bragging)

    Posted 09 Feb 2010 at 11:21 pm
  4. Seren wrote:

    Seeing you in the Sound of Music is something that I will never forget! you are awesome and I am so glad that you are glasses/contact free!

    Posted 16 Mar 2010 at 6:10 pm